Mar 11 - Me, Her Mama


(19/dust, 21/365)

Decided to have fun with the kid today - the bigger one who has had to do a lot of fending for herself recently.

I was on my back, working on a photo of my toes (which didn't come off, thank God - I needed those toes to shoot again another day!) and she lay down next to me on the floor.

And we did this before she got on my tummy and played for the shot above:


Happy Thursday, and all that. The little one's awake now. Guess my time here is up!

(Image © Informal Moments Photography)


Shelli said...

Oh, I just adore this feet photo. I will definitely be trying this shot with my daughter. She's quite a bit older than Piper, but I think still young enough to make it work.

P.S. So glad to see you back after the move.

Danielle said...

Love the feet one!

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