Mar 12 - A Little Dreamin'



And yes, I'm thinking about Paris. Dunno why. Maybe it's the lines on the Eiffel Tower, the thought of being somewhere I haven't ever been, hope for a little adventure that doesn't require any major planning because it pretty much can't happen with two kids under three and my health issues.

It makes for a nice mental getaway on a rainy day.

I'm slowly revealing the new house behind the photos - there is less cluttered space here, which is so nice for opening my eye up. The colors were a little weird today with the cloudy; I couldn't get my skin tone balanced right, so I went to a b/w conversion to save time.


(Image © Informal Moments Photography)


Jessica said...

Love both of these!

Dale said...

Amazing photos! So simple yet so filled with expression.

ELK said...

so very nice . the fluid backgrounds .elk

melody said...

The light,composition and mood in both of these images is divine. And...I so love your blog header photo.

Abby said...

beautiful pictures. glad to have found you through chatting at the sky!

Becolorful said...

Beautiful photos. What a fabulous way to document your life for yourself and your kids.
Thanks for sharing

melissa said...

gorgeous shots. love the lime touches in the first, but love the rest of the second. and i'm with you on that paris trip!

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