mar 16 - winter's blossoms


A just-because shot.

Just because I love crepe myrtle in winter.

Because I love blue.

And sunlight.

And spring.

And because this shot has a story behind it. It's been tempting me since we first looked at our new house - one of the positive things about changing yards and moving three streets over.

This morning, I didn't really get a break between kids to do my shooting, so I wrapped the baby up and told the toddler to stay inside. I would be just outside the door (eight feet away) to take this picture.

It's the longest eight feet in the world when you're holding a three-month old and the toddler comes out and lets the one remaining cat out with all of her stuffed animals in the space of a minute.

And rounding them all up with camera in hand...

Well, let's just say I'm good.

And we'll be working on that listening thing.

(Image © Informal Moments Photography)


georgia b. said...

what a beautifully composed soft image.

found your blog via flickr, which i found because you favored one of my images. thank you for that.

love the blog. i'll be sure to return.

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