Mar 15-20 - Dust Project


Mar 15 (25/365) - A bit moody, this one. Liked it, though. Have to stop being scared of full-body shots here...

Mar 16 (26/365) - Not what I was going for, but the light was gorgeous.

Mar 17 (27/365) - Black and white with black and white in black and white. I was short on inspiration.

Mar 18 (28/365) - One of my four wedding dresses. Couldn't get it zipped, but it made for a pretty picture, with my birthday tulips from my husband.

Mar 19 (29/365) - Bedtime story. The blur just made it for me.

Mar 20 (30/365) - Trying out the new tripod. Also a new prop. Still not sure if I like.

Missed Mar 21 for shooting; will start next Monday with Mar 22.

(Image © Informal Moments Photography)


georgia b. said...

oh, wow.
your work is really quite good.

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