Forty-Four - Soft Little Melancholy


She has discovered the curtains I bought for $3.00 at the thrift shop on Saturday, the lovely sheer that makes every girl feel beautiful to touch and explore and dance in and wear, the beginning of her lovely wedding dream of a dress that twirls, a veil that softens all the light you see. And one lovely tear rests melancholy on her cheek in this in-between moment, my almost-accidental capture. I'm not sure why the tear is here, perhaps a leftover from her decided "Mommy come now" after I had removed the gate between us; she didn't realize yet that she could reach me if she wanted to.

Hers is the photo I keep re-finding today, so here she is, shared soft with you today, number 44/365.

I am also linking this over at Mother May I for My Best Shot Monday; even though this is today's shot, I would consider it my best shot of the last week, though this one definitely runs a close second! I chose this shot for my best shot because it totally captures all the elements I love in photography: lovely light, soft, innocent reality, a depth of emotion, alive. My best photos are the ones that take my own breath away. What it does to the rest of the world? Well, that's up to you!


dancebythelight said...

So beautiful!

leaca said...

photography makes my world go around as well. lovely photo.

iMother2.0 said...

I know the ones you mean...take your breath away shots. Your shot is one of the most soft and tender shots I've seen in a while. Thanks for heart is lighter for it :)

Never That Easy said...

This is definitely a take your breath away shot, just such a small moment, perfectly captured. Gorgeous.

Leslie said...

Oh, this is so real. I can remember how lovely it felt to tangle up in sheer curtains at a big window, and in the white sheets out on the clothesline. Thanks to this and the previous several photographs, now I'm really feeling spring and summer! Thank you.

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