Lovely Linen


I've been playing with exposure in my camera, and then with texture and tone in Photoshop. I'm also exploring angles and detail as I have time, so I can get ready for my next wedding shoot in March.

I just love the way these two shots of my new linen items came out, hanging to dry, hoping for warmer weather to justify a wearing. So I'm posting them!

Happy Monday, and all that. :-P


Anonymous said...

I was just asked to do a quote for a wedding in July. Not sure if they'll go with me or not. I was totally honest with them and said I had NO experience doing weddings. The bride-to-be really likes my stuff though and wants me to send a quote anyway. Can I send it to you to look over when I get it done. I really am scared out of my mind to do a wedding, but would like to try my hand at it if they were willing to take the risk and hire me! :)

Kelly said...

SO exciting! Sure, send it on! One thing though - if you're not sure enough of your own ability to do it, DON'T take it. Shooting a wedding is a huge project - you're not just promising a shot from here and there - you're covering an entire day, and you have to deliver a cohesive package. My first wedding was for a friend and co-worker who absolutely loved my style, and her pics are still some of my favorite ever, but I didn't know what I was doing, right down to a dead battery in the middle of the portraits and cropping that was so totally inconsistent it's funny to look at now! Every time I go to shoot/process a wedding, I realize that while every photo I have taken is not amazing, I do have the ability to deliver a body of work. If you feel you've got that ability, I say go for it!

Kelly said...

Wow, that was about fifty cents there... sorry, Danielle... :-P

Anonymous said...

gorgeous shots.

Anonymous said...

No, thanks. I'm really honored she'd even consider me!

However, I haven't decided for sure if I should do it. I need to talk to her more. Even if I do give her a quote I may turn it down. I'm sending her a quote for wedding invitations too, and THAT I'm totally confident about.

ELK said...

linen one of my very favorites ~you have captured them with an artist's touch !

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