Feb 19 - In which the photographer hides from her camera



I just got off the phone with a blogging gal I've wanted to meet for a while. I just found out how incredibly introverted I am. I just retreated into my shell.

With a self-portrait to shoot.


The to-do list was a symbolic approximation of me today. It had my hand in it. I mean right?

Yeah, I know.

So I tried shooting red and white and denim down. I was fresh today. Dressed.

Efficient and dressed. Yeah, still not doing it for my own rules. I thought about scrapping the project.

A little more - a lot less. A literal dust project.

Okay, okay.


But that's as far as I can go today. I'm scared of seeing any more of me today after hearing so much of my own voice on the phone.

I have seriously got to get out more.

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Anonymous said...

I liked these! I really liked the to do list one...because that is you. As moms our lives are so engulfed by what we have to do throughout the day...it might be nice to look back someday and see what it was you had on the agenda.

Inside My Shell said...

I like all of these, too! Speaking from experience, days like these are bound to happen when you do a whole year of selfportraits. There will be other days, better days.

Lyla Lindquist said...

Telephone? Ugh. Right there with you.

I've been so far inside myself this week I don't even know where to look. So I appreciate this. A lot.

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