Feb 17



The SP ended up frustrating me today. I've lost my camera attachment to put the thing on the tripod, so I wasted a bit of shooting time digging around the house for it. Sigh.

I'm noticing a trend about my self-portraits. I'm hiding. As much as I can, I hide my eyes, shooting only parts of me, putting things in front of me, using my children as props. It's an interesting psychological thing, I'm sure. I'm so unused to finding myself in front of the camera - I don't know what to do! It's easier to just shoot into the mirror and glare at myself, check my facial expression as I go. Standing in front of the timer, waiting for the shot - that's HARD.

I think it's going to be good for me. And for my clients.

Aaannd here are a few of the rest I shot.

About the flowers: I picked up some leftover V-day flowers at Walmart after B's appointment this morning. I was ostensibly stopping just to pick up juice for P, who threw up her breakfast, but we got sidetracked, so we brought home flowers too.

My silly girl. (no#/overshoot freebie)

"GSOOC" - Gerbera, straight out of the camera... (9/365)

And this is one of my V-day tulips. My husband braved Friday night's snow to pick them up for me, to bring a smile for me on a rough day.

I know, I know - macro lens again. But I was ON today! (no#/overshoot freebie)

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Dianne said...

Oh wow, wow, wow, Kelly. These are so incredible. WHEN you have a moment could you let us know what the background was in the Gerbera--even though it is macro, I imagine you still have to have some kind of decent background--white sheet, white wall???????

Piper is precious in this picture. That will be one you will cherish.

Girl, you need to quit hiding although I do love the ones you taike where everything is not visible. It is so you and I don't think it speaks of your insecurity. I think it is a gift to let the viewer stop and think and try to figure out the RESt of the photo journalism.

Also, could you please let us know what kind of "shutter and lens" you use WHEN you have a free moment--smile!


Jessica said...

Beautiful. And... I think I should be jealous at how thin you are already at only 2 months postpartum.

Danielle said...

Yeah, you got your figure back quick, girl!

leaca said...

These are gorgeous. I love the one of the little guy with his head in the flower.

leaca said...

oops little girl...sorry.

Megs said...

Ahh, white daisies...my favorite flowers! Gorgeous, Kel! <3

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