Peter & Sarah - October 4, 2008


These have been a long time in coming, and this wedding is still in post-processing (almost done!), but it's time to get up some of my favorites for this bride and groom! What can I say? Shooting last Saturday has me in a wedding mood!

Friends of the couple - if you know them, grab 'em for a link to their private album. They have the password!

More to come soon!


e.o.w. said...

So powerful, the raw emotion is striking!

leaca said...


Leeann said...

You just HAD to use *that* one, didn't you?? :P
Great shots.

Sarah said...

Awww...I feel special. *smile*

Anonymous said...

Love the top left black and white photo with the flowers in color. So pretty. I love hydrangeas anyway!

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