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I got tagged today by e.o.w. over at Mindwhisperings, and while I don't usually respond to tagging, she was kind enough to leave a comment about it here, so I thought I'd oblige.

The game is about fours - and a little bit of life. The rules:

1. Go to the 4th folder where you keep your pictures on your computer.
2. Post the 4th picture in the folder.
3. Explain the photo.
4. Tag 4 fellow bloggers to join in the fun!

This is my photo (considering HOW MANY folders I have for pictures on my computer, it was quite the trick picking the most honest one!). The dried rose here is one of my Stonemeadow roses, laid out on my wedding dress on a day when I was down after having Piper. I was playing around and trying to capture the feeling of nostalgia that comes after a wedding, when time has passed and the stressful moments have faded to soft, happy memories, fuzzy around the edges. The dress has a more interesting story - it was the second of four wedding dresses I have owned.

I bought my first dress in January of 2005, before Pete and I were officially engaged. I was under so much stress, and my weight loss told on me - I shrank OUT of the dress. I will always wish I had kept it - I've tried to find it again, but haven't had any luck.

This dress, the one I wore for our wedding, is the one that I will give to Piper someday, to play around in, or to wear herself.

My third wedding dress was for our beach wedding - a fun six-month anniversary photo op in which we played around on the beach with a few close friends and just generally had fun - no stress involved. We forgot the music and the rings and the formality, but we had so much fun! (Photos here from Rob Garland Photographers)

My fourth dress... well, that was just because I'm a girl who can't resist wedding dresses. And it's a favorite. I may do a white dress self-portrait with it one of these days...

So that's my long, rambling story about this photo.

Now, the tagging. I think I will tag Danielle (because I know you have pictures!), Emily (because you've sent so many people over to my blog - this should help with some inspiration!), Laura (because she was so incredibly nice to me today!), and Leeann (because I need to tag her to get photos on her blog anymore!). Have fun, girls!


e.o.w. said...

I'm glad to see your response! I'm thinking tagging must be akin to those bulk e-mails we sometimes receive, promising good fortune or eternal youth if only we enlist another 14 of our own contacts... Okay, not that bad, but I understand your sentiment and find it sweet that you obliged...
And that rose is a beauty, reminds me of my own wedding day. I wore a corwn of roses just that shade.

Anonymous said...

I'll try to do this tomorrow!

Anonymous said...


||| laura frantz ||| said...

just posted my response...

Leeann said...

This is a very fun tag - I (finally) responded today :) enjoy and thanks!

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