Forty-Six - Look Through My Window


I was looking for a different perspective today and found this. I didn't have a lot of energy, so I fired off a few, shot a couple for my one word project, and finally settled on my back, looking up. Interesting the things you find in your own house, huh?

I'm thinking about starting a photo series here, but I'm not sure about a theme. Does anybody have any ideas?


anne said...

Your photos are beautuful.
Found you via Danielle at Dance By the Light.
One question for do you get your photos to take up 75% of your page. Did you mess with the tempate? I am so dumb when it comes to these things, but I want to publish my pictures better.
Oh and no ideas yet for the project, but I'll be back.

Heather said...

One word....perspectives.

Teri said...

Uh, so where are you that you have leaves on your trees, very envious. Love the shot. A window project would be interesting.

A said...

Makes me wish I were looking out your window! Awesome shot.

Marcie said...

Fantastic point-of-view. Either your window is very large and goes on forever..or else you're very small!!! Why not do a series on seeing 'ordinary' things from a totally different point-of-view???

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