package summary - photography & design



Rates are as follows:

Weddings - $2,100 and up. Negotiable. Travel weddings include expenses for photographer and assistant. Accepted on a case-by-case basis. Packages include:

* free engagement package
* coverage of rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, preparation, wedding, and reception
* CD with 500-650 retouched images
* web album

Please inquire for more information.

Engagement/Couple Portraits - $250. Free with wedding package.

* 1-3 hours shooting time
* 50-75 retouched images
* web album

Family/Group Portraits - $150

Individual Portraits - $75

Event - $250 per hour. Negotiable.

Commission - Please inquire for pricing.


I am open to selling prints of almost any photo that I post on my blog, or that are found in my Available Prints gallery.

I will start pricing as follows (cost includes shipping):

* 4x6 - $15 (2 for $25)

* 8x8 - $25 (2 for $45)

* 8x12 - $35 (2 for $60)

* other sizes will be priced on a case-by-case basis.

If you would like to order a print, please email me your request, including your preferred size, a direct link to the photo (either click into the photo or right-click and copy image location), and your mailing address.

Other Items

For those interested, I am still in talks and research about calendars and cards. If you find a photo you would definitely love to have in a greeting card and want to make an order, I'm willing to price it out on a case-by-case basis.

A NOTE about freebies: I love to share my photos, but my business is entirely word-of-mouth. You can email links to my photos around so long as you give me credit for my work and send people back here. If you want to use a photo for something, just ask - like I said, I love to share, so long as you're willing to give me credit for my work! Please DO NOT make prints or use my photos without my knowledge or permission. ALso, unless you are family or a close friend (you know who you are!), please do not use or copy any photos of me or my family.

Web Design (Blogger only)

My prices for blog customizations are as follows:

(Prices include the use of one image from stockXpert or my own Daily Photo gallery. Additional graphics will be priced according to stockxpert pricing.)

Basic Package (2-3 hours' work):

* Custom header
* Installation with template color matching

Cost: $50

Examples here and here.

Mid-Level Package (3-4 hours' work):

* Custom header
* Installation with template color matching
* Coordinating button for site promotion
* Coordinating signature option

Cost: $75

Example here.

Full Customization Package (5-10 hours' work):

* Custom header
* Custom background and template color matching
* Horizontal Navigation Bar
* Installation
* Coordinating button promoting your site
* Coordinating signature option

Cost: $120

NOTE: a 3rd column in Blogger is an additional $15.

Examples here, here, and here.

Other Items:

* Custom header design (example) - $45
* Add 3rd column to Blogger blog with template modifications - $25
* Horizontal Navigation Bar (example) - $25
* Buttons (example) - starting at $15
* Signature - $15

If you are interested in any of the above, just email me, and I will let you know about how long it will be until I get to your design. When I am ready to start work, I'll send you a Paypal invoice or ask you to mail me a check. I won't begin work until I receive payment in full.
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