Fifty-Four - A Little Winter Time


I know I said I was going to try a self-portrait today, this is the closest I got. I had a bit of processing leftover from yesterday afternoon and evening, and I didn't want to spend a lot of time setting up a shot, so I went with how I was feeling today. Quiet, tired, in need of a little time to pause in the rush of everything I need to finish that keeps getting put off. I love L'Engle's writing - she is so creative, so authentic. I have only just started the book, but I'm loving it already!


Anonymous said...

Love the photo and how everything else is blurred. Nice.

I love L'Engle's writing too. The last one I read was "A Two-Part Invention" about their marriage and it's great. Haven't read that one though.

Teri said...

Very nice shot. Enjoy your reading and tea:)

Toni said...

You've got some really great photos on your blog and this is no exception. Thanks for your visit from SS and the comments this morning. =) To answer your question, I think there was a drop of water on the camera lens (from all that melting frost) that created the dots on the bokeh.

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