Twenty - Etched in Red


I must note here that it is a good thing that my husband buys me flowers. I'm already uninspired on this photo-a-day project. I knew this would happen, but I hoped it would hold off for a bit longer! As a fellow photographer noted to me last week, "some days are better than others."

I figured out my tripod and my camera's self-timer the other day, so maybe I'll try some more self-portraiture this week. I'm too picky, I think, but I've done so much off-the-cuff shooting, I think taking some time to focus my work will really make a difference in what I get and give me time to improve my eye and discover what can be done. In just two weeks, I've learned a ton!


sunmamma said...

Hi Kelly!! Thanks for visiting my blog :) Glad i found yours! Your pictures are beautiful!!

Alethea Jordan said...

This is gorgeous! I love the detail!

Angela Klocke said...

So pretty! You're reminding me of shots I did years ago...and of which I'd love to do again!

You have so many beautiful photos here :)

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