Twenty-One - Soft Morning Lights


We keep Christmas lights on a dark trellis behind our TV in the living room so we can have soft lighting in the early mornings and during the evening when we want the lights lower. Today is our third cloudy day in a row, and I'm weary and seeking the light. This photo made me dream of warm tea and a good book with a bit of falling snow we probably won't see here in our new home in the South.


Figgy Newton said...

Ya know, I really liked being there. It was very relaxing, for some reason, despite the "Little Mermaid" playing on repeat. =P hehe Oh well. Now everything just won't seem the same without "Kiss the Girl" playing constantly. =D

sunmamma said...

Great idea!! Lovely!

Cheri (aka "The Mom Lady") said...

When we lived in Trinidad (the one in the Caribbean, not the one in the USA), it was 365 days of 12 hours sunlight, 12 hours darkness, 85-93F, wet season or dry season. WITH-OUT-FAIL!

Come Christmas time on cloudy days, I'd crank those a/c's (yes, they were single room units in every single room!) down to the 60's, let the windows fog up and then make believe it was winter and snow as coming. It was startlingly effective UNTIL I opened the door and a blast of hot, humid air hit me in the face effectively destroying my fantasy world.

Where in the south are you by the way? We're in Texas (Houston area surrounds) and we SEE snow once or twice a year but it never stick and never accumulates. Just taunts us and then goes to 70F the next day. Sigh...

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