Driving By: On Learning Stillness


On Sunday, we went to Summerville, SC, scouting out an old gate I had shot well over a year ago for a writing-friend who wanted a new version of a shot she wants to use for a book cover. It took us a while to find it. I was sitting in my seat going, "oh, I hope I can find it, I hope we can find it, will we find it? where were we?" Finally, the driving paid off, and I got my shot (several, actually) and felt free to use the camera while we were driving back.

I love drive-by shooting. It's a completely different viewpoint. It's like my life right now - I have to catch it on camera as it goes whizzing past, hope to God the moment will be something worth looking at, hope the bigger picture is not so blurred as it appears from my perspective.

I am always amazed at the exciting stillness the blur creates.

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