Mar 22-25


Mar 22 (31/365) - Still not sure if I like that bubble umbrella - liked the angle and backlight on this, though.

Mar 23 (32/365) - A night reflection in my office window. I figured I might as well tell the truth about my schizophrenic day. Intentionally blurred.

Mar 24 (33/365) - Discovered a problem with white walls - they're SO boring. Had to make white space interesting, so I tried some motion on a slow exposure.

Mar 25 (34/365) - You would not believe how difficult this shot was, a mom running low on patience, a photographer frustrated with her subject (me, not the baby). It almost became "the day my dust project ended." But I got a shot that worked.

Aaaand I took a break last week to work on other stuff. More to come!

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