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2/Dust (Feb 14)

I have been toying with the idea of a 365 project again this year, since I'm shooting nearly every day with a new baby in the house anyway. I'm gonna add a twist for myself, though. I'm holding myself accountable for at least one self-portrait per week, a "dust project," if you will, to get some humanity into my work, to learn to view myself with a little objectivity, and to get some experience with tripod, perspective, and self-timer.

And while I will try to shoot every day, I'll have to be a little forgiving on my 365. I'll just see what happens, eh? It's time to make this a working blog again.

Here's the backstory, starting February 7.

1/Dust (Feb 14)

6/365 (Feb 14)

5/365 (Feb 13)

4/365 (Feb 12)

3/365 (Feb 10)

2/365 (Feb 8)

1/365 (Feb 7)

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Kathleen said...

There is nothing more gorgeous in the world than a woman's natural, soap clean skin. It is the only way to see inside; her/your undistracted beauty. Like the fruit. Nothing you add could make them more enticing,except the light. Amazing gift you have. Work on, girl.

Maureen said...

All your photos are wonderful. That first one, though, is special.

sarah said...

You are so talented.

And extraordinarily beautiful.

Ann Kroeker said...

Boy, do I wish I were better with a camera. Your work makes me sigh.

Maybe that's one of many things art does...the artist sees with eyes that the rest of us can't quite make out, even when squinting and tilting our heads. The artiest sees it, catches it--the moment, the angle, the light--and shares it. We nod. Yes. That's it. Thanks for helping me see it, too.


Ann Kroeker said...

(artist, not artiest)

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