Baby Bredon - Two Weeks


(Images © Informal Moments Photography)


Darlene said...

Such precious images. Found you via shutter sisters. There's nothing better to do than get lost in your baby. They grow up so fast. You will treasure these images forever.

Shelli said...

Kelly - Thank you so much for visiting my blog. Congratulations!!!!!!!!! Oh he is soooo beautiful, but that's not surprising. Your photos are stunning. It is definitely a challenge having two! Ben is 5 months now, and he has been the easiest baby in the world. I feel so blessed. But it's still harder. I get much less done, and I've pretty much given up reading blogs. :( So I'm really glad you came by so I can see your new little one. It's all worth it, and it is getting easier, especially in regards to Ben's older brother who relentlessly tortured Ben for months. I think there was a lot of love, fascination and jealously going on. Now it seems to be more love. Whew. I hope everything goes well for you. Congratulations, again.

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