Strings - New Prints Available for a Limited Time


Christmas is coming. We're scrambling around here to finish up our preparations by Thanksgiving we can spend the two weeks before my due date waiting for Button to make his appearance. Maybe he'll be early...

Anyway, are you still looking for that perfect gift? How about one of these classy black-and-white shots from my violin series? Order by Wednesday, November 18, and I'll get it to you in time for Christmas.

Scroll (6x4, 12x8, 18x12)

Tension (6x4, 12x8, 18x12)

Grandma's Violin (6x4, 12x8, 18x12)

Possible (6x4, 12x8, 18x12)

Christmas ordering available only through Wednesday, November 18. For pricing and ordering information, please contact me.

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