Christmas Shopping


One of the things I want to work on is my camera-courage, the gutsy take-the-photo-anyway approach that helps to get the shots I want. It's hard to sneak shots of people. People have camera magnets wired into their systems. If you have a camera, you are immediately on their radar. Even in my hired sessions, I find that I need at least 20 minutes with a person or a group to find them in my viewfinder.

Last year, my husband took me and my camera to Charleston's King Street for a crisp walk and some photo fun, which I had. He corralled the little one while I went "shopping" with my camera. We didn't spend anything, except for lunch, but the take-home was more than enough Christmas for me!

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Marcie said...

I know what you mean about the 'gutsy' approach. Street photography and pointing a camera at a stranger - for me - is the hardest thing to do. Wonderful 'moment' captured here. Good eye!!!

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