Wedding - Gabe & Katie


Along the lines of my vow to start showing off more of my photojournalistic work, I thought I would post some of my favorites from Gabe and Katie's pre-release. This was such a fun wedding. I am not so intimately, emotionally involved in every wedding shoot I do, but this one was fantastic, two of our best friends joining their lives together. We had a blast of a weekend.

I haven't seen all the photos yet, but this last one may just end up being my absolute favorite from the whole shoot. I just love the story it tells. The thing that I love about photojournalism is that it surprises even the photographer. I use a wide-angle shot to get all of the story that I can when it is happening, but so many times, I don't find the story until processing, and then even I am blown away. I love it because it is a constant chance at discovery about love, about life.

My processing time is a bit longer than a typical shoot-what-is-at-your-wedding photographer, but I'm writing the story with the pictures, and I love it, almost every time!


alison said...

I love that last one, as well!
weddings always make me so happy when I attend, I can imagine being the photographer rocks :)
alison (starglo)

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