Sixty-Six - Self-Portrait in Abstract


This was the shot I got today that best fit my mood. It's not a particularly good shot, but I like it, and since I'm embracing my inner artist, I'm going to stick with my gut and go with it even if nobody likes it. :-D

(If you're that curious, you can see the good ones here and here and here.)


ELK said...

Kelly i love everything about this ...the feel the lack of focus, sunlight and calm it is artistic!ELK

SE'LAH... said...

I especially like the sunlight filtering through. Quite artistic.

Becca~TimeWellSpent said...

I really love this. I love the etheral quality to it.

Marcie said...

Trust your gut! Wonderful image. Love the light...and the sense of the unknown. Even the slight blurr works with the image!

Mamirosa said...

I love this too.
I love how the light falls on your pants. Very nice.
Now you make me wish I had a remote even more! haha

Kelly said...

Mamirosa - this is a reflection shot - I had the camera on the floor next to me. No remote!

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