80/365 - lavender green


this is a picture of my learning to be. to be what I am, to let my work be what it is, to let it be art, and acknowledge that art is beauty to the creator who is willing to just be, and is not to be despised if it is not interesting to others who see. I may love my work, it may speak to me, and another might hear the words I hear that can't be spoken. but they will never hear if I do not risk.

and as I learn about accepting my own creations regardless of the input of others, I remember that God has presented me His creation, and redeemed me for Himself, and loves me incredibly as His child... what risk, what a powerful sense of "I Am..."


mm said...

Your work, your art... speaks to me.

I am blessed. Inspired. Encouraged.

The Lord is using you...indeed.

~ Marsha

Marcie said...

Very sweet! Love the words you've put to the image. So true for all of us.

Teri said...

This image speaks, it speaks sweetness, softness, and new growth. Lovely.

Mamirosa said...

I love it. Great words too.

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