4:8 Project - March Giveaway


"...Being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ."
(Phil. 1:6)

My print giveaway this month goes to Laura Frantz, who almost apologetically submitted her Beanette for Praiseworthy. The image and thought totally made me turn around and go "wow" and I've been going "wow" all month remembering this shot. I'm just blown away by what God does as He creates and causes things to grow - not only the plants and life here on earth, but also the Life He gives in Jesus. Every time I think about this, I just give in to wonder! Thanks, Laura, for reminding me of Him!

Thank you all for your submissions! I'm really loving this project because as we get to share images, we get a chance to "think on these things" - and whether we're thinking on them at the moment or whether we think about them later, it's food for thought anyway!

I'm doing something a little weird with this for now - I will consider ALL 4:8 submissions every month. Only winning photos are disqualified (and I will wait one month to consider a winner's submission for a print). So this month, if you entered a shot, it's not over! Please do keep submitting links, because I'll be honoring at least one shot per post (now that I have some to honor!) Submissions are not limited to one, so keep 'em coming! There's a lot out there that goes with a lot of these words!
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