Twenty-Seven - I Will Open


in the second month
when the frost still comes
and goes
she makes her vow
to spring
and hope
and wonder -

i will open
she whispers.

This month, I am participating in a contest/project on Shutter Sisters called the one word project. My word for the month is promise, so my Project 365 images this month will most likely follow that theme. You can see more from others who are participating here.

Explanation for this shot? BOY, I am lucky to live in the South! At least in February...


the Joneses said...

Is that a camellia? I miss Southern flowers!

-- SJ

Kelly said...

I think it might be... Still learning the flora and fauna here...

Anonymous said...
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e.o.w. said...

beautiful shot! And I love your choice for 'one word february'.

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