Twenty-Four - My Morning Was Gray


I deliberately blurred this shot after giving up on trying to make anything interesting come into focus in today's flat gray and white light. Taking a photo a day is one thing. Taking a photo I LIKE a day is another.

Out of the shots I attempted this morning, this was the photo that made me feel alive.


Carmen said...

This picture is perfect! I love it!



Heasleye said...

The colors are divine! The blur suits it. And I totally get what you mean...taking a photo a day you like IS another thing. Happy clicking!

Connie said...

Lovely - hate your leave your site and quit looking at it!

Mamirosa said...

Oh, Kelly, I love this! I would totally frame it and put it in the office I don't have! LOL With my pink walls and white computer desk and pink chair and and..! LOL


-• Misty Sparks •- said...

This is a lovely shot! It reminds me of my six year old niece. She's such a little girlie girl and I know she'd just fall in love with this!

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