Eleven - Found


I finally found the manual settings in my camera (I'll be posting soon on my regular blog about how I'm a kinesthetic learner and don't read manuals), and I have been enjoying the freedom to shoot sans-flash this week.

I found this reflection in my black-polished piano cover this morning; hence the mysterious, almost-romantic lighting on this shot.


Heidi said...

Very cool picture. I can hardly tell it's you. Your hair looks REALLY thick. :-P Very pretty, though.

Out of curiosity, what *were* your manual settings on this picture? I'm so surprised that you've gotten all your lovely shots in the past without using manual mode. Has everything been in auto mode or have you used aperture priority/shutter speed priority/etc? I didn't know you could get shots like you get without being in manual mode. :-P

Kelly said...

Heidi, I have no idea what my settings were. I was turning dials and pushing buttons. If you can't tell, photography is not exactly a science for me. :-P

SmugMug tells me that my exposure time was 1/10, my aperture was f/2.8 (which I actually remember), and my ISO was set at 200. I used my wide-angle lens and about lost my arm holding the camera on this one. :-P

I was actually shooting down into the piano, so all of my hair was falling forward. I love the effect! You should check out this shot, if you like the hair...

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