Contest: Free Wedding Contract



During the month of February, I am running a competition for a free "Just the Hitch" wedding photography package (a $1,499 value). This package includes a free engagement shoot, full coverage of the wedding from preparation through reception, a CD with 450 - 550 retouched images, and a web album available for one year from the wedding date.

To enter the contest, submit an email response to this post containing the following information:

1.) The projected date of your wedding (must be after March, 2008),

2.) Your desired wedding location(s) (ceremony and reception - be sure to include city and state),

3.) Ideal time of day for your wedding ceremony,

4.) A few sentences explaining why you would like Informal Moments Photography to provide photography for your wedding,

5.) A few short paragraphs to tell us your story,

6.) A sentence about what you want most to remember about your wedding,

7.) Your favorite wedding photo from our website (please list "Gallery #___, Photo #___), and

8.) Your name, your almost-spouse's name, and a telephone number where we can reach you.

The contest will be decided based on the information you provide about what you want for your wedding, so the more you offer, the better. All entries must be submitted by March 15th, 2008.

Contest Restrictions: Informal Moments Photography (IMP) agrees to provide contest winner (Client) a "Just the Hitch" package contract, waiving package fees and deposits (except travel expenses for photographer and assistant in the case of travel wedding) in consideration of Client's agreement that IMP shall be the sole and only photographers recording the event. If Client breaches this agreement, IMP must assess full cost of package. Images recorded by IMP shall be the property of Client subject to the right of IMP to use any pictures from the event for advertising and portfolio.


Anonymous said...

Kelly - I'd enter your contest, but I don't think I can handle the travel expenses for you and your "assistant" out to the left coast.

Still - I love your work, and have enjoyed watching your enterprise (and your art) mature


Anonymous said...

Quick question--is it okay for family/guests at the wedding to take pictures (if they're not real photographers or professionals), or must there be no other photography at all?

Informal Moments Photography said...

Friends, family, and guests taking pictures are fine, with a note to the following: I limit picture-taking during formal portraits because I need to have all eyes on my camera (you should see some of the funny shots we've gotten when everyone is looking at a hundred different cameras!). My main concern is avoiding the five photographers diving in front of me to get the photos my clients have asked me to take. I had this happen at one wedding, and I was unable to gain access to the bride and groom to get the shots they had *asked* me for because they had five or six "friends" who they had also asked to photograph their wedding. Because of this, we added a clause to our contract to add a fee for "substantial interference" with the photographer's work, which can cover undisclosed lighting issues (ie- you didn't tell me you were having a candlelight wedding and I wouldn't have taken your wedding if I'd known) and relatives who are bossing the photographer around over the bride/groom's explanation of their wishes.

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