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I finally bit the bullet and invested in some new equipment. I upgraded from my Nikon D70 to a Nikon D200 and bought three new lenses, one of them an incredible Tamron macro lens. In the two days since we brought it home, we have seen that it will be *very* worth it. I finally feel like I am capturing what I am seeing, and the editing required is minimal. Here are a few of the amazing results:

Now... if I can just find the courage to charge for my work... *grimace*


Christy said...

Wow...those are GREAT shots! I don't even know all that much about photography, but the lighting, detailing, shadowing and all that looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

Ok...I just can't resist this one....I LOVE macro photography.
In my brief venture into the photographic realm this alone completely captured my fancy and is the only thing I truly miss.

I did I mention I still kick myself for not having you photo our wedding :)

Beth (Thompson) Walker

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