One thing I am realizing about my photography is that my eye is still developing, and the quality and focus of my pictures changes with each new shoot. When I first started shooting, I focused a lot on details. Then people started asking me to try my hand at portraiture. I enjoyed a few engagement shoots, working with poses and trying to get real smiles from my clients. Then I shot a wedding without formal portraiture (inadvertently! My battery died!) and discovered 1500 pictures later that I had the ability to tell a story with my camera.

That's when I began to fall in love with photojournalism. Check out this site and the USA Today Day in Pictures to get an idea of the kind of photographer I want to be.

I began to look for the kind of gritty, in-the-moment photos that swept me into what was happening. After a not-so-brief struggle with a lot of people hiring me to shoot their formal portraits and not getting my developing photojournalistic eye, I think I'm coming to a happier medium. Even my recent portraits have offered more of the moment.

Here are a few of my pictures to demonstrate some of these changes:

Spring 2004

May 2005

March 2006

June 2006

March 2007


Undeserving said...

Kel, I just saw this post and was intrigued by the improvement. I would have never really noticed unless you had posted those pictures in order, but it's true! You've come a really long way! Kudos to you! Love that last one ;-).

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